Research Data Management (RDM) Strategy Town Hall

UBC is developing a Research Data Management (RDM) strategy to align with the Tri-Agency Policy on RDM, UBC’s strategic plan and the UBC Indigenous Strategic Plan. The strategy will inform the future of RDM at UBC by focusing on the priorities of the research community.

Forming an effective strategy requires input from the research community to understand where we are now and future priorities. A virtual town hall is being hosted on October 19th at 2 pm.

The strategy will be developed through a partnership between the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, the UBC Library and the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

In addition to the RDM Strategy town hall, 4 themed focus group sessions will be conducted. While each of these sessions will be themed around a specific funding agency or topic, everyone is welcome to attend any session or multiple sessions. The focus groups will allow for a more in-depth discussion about the RDM needs associated with each of the themes.

For more information and to register for the town hall and/or focus group sessions, please click here.