Research Impact


Quickly find relevant and trusted research, identify experts and access reliable data, metrics and analytical tools for confident research strategy decisions — all from one database

Asynchronous Written E-Feedback Service

For a written e-feedback appointment, a CSC consultant will review your document and provide their suggested revisions in a response letter within 24 hours after the appointment time ends.


UNIWeb is an academic research network with CV management. It is a central repository for a researcher’s academic history. UNIWeb is a tool that gives researchers the ability to collaborate with colleagues in secure and private networks, streamline funding applications with Canadian Common CV (CCV) syncing capabilities, and manage and track the outputs of research groups and projects.

QReserve Inventory Tool

QReserve is an online UBCO research asset inventory tool. The QReserve platform connects institutional equipment databases across Canada and allows users to explore available equipment, services, and facility research areas and then to contact laboratories for more information. It functions as a platform to reserve equipment by external users and features both ‘wish list’ and ‘buy/sell’ applications.

Internal Grant/Major Awards and Distinctions Funding Administration & Coordination

A consultation service that supports internal grant administration and applications. This service also provides support for major awards and disctinctions.

Academic Job Search Support (e.g. building CVs, teaching and research interest statements, and statements of interest or personal statements for graduate school applications)

Appointment with a CSC consultant where you will be offered guidance and support in your professional academic writing, such as CVs or teaching and research interest statements, and statements of interest or personal statements for graduate school applications.

Open Data Service

A service that assists you in locating the appropriate Open Access respositories for data and in finding Open Data.

Open Publications

This service can answer your questions around how to publish open works and where to deposit open works.

Open Science Service

A consultation service that supports researchers with Open Science. Learn about tools and best practices for engaging in Open Science.

Google Scholar Metrics

Google Scholar Metrics is a profile and citation metrics tool based on the outputs of individual researchers. It provides an easy way for authors to gauge the visibility and influence of recent articles in scholarly publications.