Researcher Profile


UNIWeb is an academic research network with CV management. It is a central repository for a researcher’s academic history. UNIWeb is a tool that gives researchers the ability to collaborate with colleagues in secure and private networks, streamline funding applications with Canadian Common CV (CCV) syncing capabilities, and manage and track the outputs of research groups and projects.

COI/COC Declaration Support

Supports the completion of mandatory Conflict of Interest (COI)/Conflict of Commitment (COC) declarations, which must be completed by all faculty and principal investigators annually or when appointments or circumstances change substantially.

QReserve Inventory Tool

QReserve is an online UBCO research asset inventory tool. The QReserve platform connects institutional equipment databases across Canada and allows users to explore available equipment, services, and facility research areas and then to contact laboratories for more information. It functions as a platform to reserve equipment by external users and features both ‘wish list’ and ‘buy/sell’ applications.

Internal Grant/Major Awards and Distinctions Funding Administration & Coordination

A consultation service that supports internal grant administration and applications. This service also provides support for major awards and disctinctions.


ORCid is the free persistent digital identifier designed to help researchers distinguish themselves. With an ORCid ID you can clarify what activities are yours regardless of how your name is spelled.

Academic Profiles Service

Building your academic profile online can help demonstrate your expertise, research interests, and academic works. Having an academic profile can also help people find authorized biographical and contact information about you. This service can help you choose and create an academic profile.

Google Scholar Profile

Google Scholar profiles provide a simple way of collating your publications, with citations, so others can find your work. Google Scholar profiles allow you to choose automatic updates so less time is spent updating your publications list.