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Computing & Cloud Storage Non-FIPPA Compliant

Dropbox, File Storage, Network, and Synchronized Folders


Alliance now provides Nextcloud, a Dropbox-like cloud storage service. You can use your Alliance username and password to log in to the Nextcloud server. All data transfers between local devices and Alliance’s Nextcloud are encrypted.
The Nextcloud service is aimed at users with relatively small datasets (up to 100 GB). For anything larger, the Globus service is much to be preferred.

Who can use it

Employees, Faculty



Self service links and Resources

Learn more about Alliance NextCloud

Guided service links and Resources


No cost associated with it; Must be Full-time employee with a participating Canadian university

Associated Costs



Dropbox; OneDrive

Resource-Service Feeback Section

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Last updated: 2023-11-06 10:09

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