Borealis is a free research data repository for faculty, students and staff. The platform makes it possible for researchers to deposit data, create appropriate metadata, obtain DOIs for permanent links, and maintain version control of their datasets.

English Language Development

Free individualized English language development support for researchers to practice academic and conversational English skills.

Digital Research Alliance of Canada Clusters

Training on available national digital research infrastructure.

Alliance Cloud Service

Virtual server running on Digital Research Alliance of Canada infrastructure.

Digital Research Alliance of Canada

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada provides state-of-the-art advanced research computing (ARC) systems, storage and software solutions.

Alliance NextCloud

Alliance now provides Nextcloud, a Dropbox-like cloud storage service.

CSC Drop-Ins

Researchers! Meet your Okanagan research support team: Research Computing, Library, and Office of Research Services. The Centre for Scholarly Communication (CSC) will be hosting weekly drop-ins to help answer your questions and guide your research.

Research Data Consultations

Appointment with one of the Research Data Consultants where you will be offered guidance and support in a variety of approaches for working with research data.


Quickly find relevant and trusted research, identify experts and access reliable data, metrics and analytical tools for confident research strategy decisions — all from one database

Globus Plus

Globus is a secure and reliable research data management service. Using Globus, you can quickly transfer data between your local computer, and many research computing endpoints worldwide. Globus Plus allows you to share your collections to other members of the Globus network.