Local Virtual Servers

Computing & Cloud Storage FIPPA Compliant

Virtual Server and VMWare


Virtual server running on UBC virtualization infrastructure

Who can use it

Authorized Students, Faculty



UBCO Research Computing: https://it.ok.ubc.ca/services/research/

Service Now: https://ubc.service-now.com/selfservice/

Self service links and Resources


Guided service links and Resources



RC can set up a virtual machine for people; Running redhat enterprise 8; Research Computing maintains the OS; The machine can be backed up; Any storage amount can be accomodated within reason; Researchers don’t need to purchase a domain; User must maintain anything that is not from a package; No cost associated with this service; Must be research related; Generally a last resort; Look at Interworks for hosting before this; Limited operational support offered; Best for more modest workloads

Associated Costs

Free for OK users; Vancouver users see cost table in service catalog: https://it.ubc.ca/services/web-servers-storage/educloud-server-service/pricing-model


Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and similar services

Resource-Service Feeback Section

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