Data and scripts

Data could be a corpus of texts, interviews, environmental readings – anything used to generate a novel conclusion or finding. Data is queried and manipulated to generate these novel findings; depending on discipline, this work may be accomplished through code that can be shared. When done in this way, and depositing one’s code alongside one’s data, we reveal exactly how our data was processed and handled. 

UBC, working with other post-secondary institutions in Canada, has a dedicated repository – Borealis – to hold research data and any potentially accompanying code files that can be discretely connected back to your thesis or dissertation. 


UBC Dataverse on Borealis support materials and deposit instructions can be found here:  


For support or questions about depositing your data or scripts, contact Mathew Vis-Dunbar ( Data and Digital Scholarship Librarian or Marjorie Mitchell (, Copyright, Scholarly Communications, and Research Data Management Librarian (on leave).