SciVal provides a comprehensive overview of the world’s research (publication and citation) performance. It can be analyzed at a national, institutional, or customized research group level. To do this, SciVal collects a variety of citation, collaboration, and comparative metrics based on data originating from Scopus.

Research Metrics Service

A service that helps individual researchers determine mertrics on their publications. This service can also assist departments with statistics and metrics in relation to research output at the departmental level.

Federated Research Data Repository

The Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) is a place for Canadian researchers to deposit and share research data and to facilitate discovery of research data in Canadian repositories.

DMP Assistant

An online form that creates a data management plan. The form walks researchers step-by-step through key questions, of which the answers are then formatted into a document that can be attached to grant applications or utilized to asign tasks in a lab.

Research Data Management Planning Service

Research data is data created or generated as part of a research project, and may include numeric data, text, transcripts, images, video and audio recordings, and more. Good research data management prevents data loss, stores data securely and facilitates data sharing. This service offers advice and support for research data management.


cIRcle is UBC’s open access digital repository for published and unpublished material created by the UBC community and its partners, including faculty, students, and staff. It aims to showcase and preserve UBC’s unique intellectual output by making content freely available to anyone, anywhere via the web.

Tri-Agency Open Access Policy Compliance Options

A consultation service where options for complying with open access policies for faculty publications can be explored. Provides information about UBC’s institutional respository: cIRcle.

cIRcle Institutional Repository Service

This service aims to assist faculty in depositing intellectual outputs from UBC. The service can help you determine if publications can go into cIRcle and assess permissions, if necessary, from the copyright owner.

Google Scholar Profile

Google Scholar profiles provide a simple way of collating your publications, with citations, so others can find your work. Google Scholar profiles allow you to choose automatic updates so less time is spent updating your publications list.

Academic Profiles Service

Building your academic profile online can help demonstrate your expertise, research interests, and academic works. Having an academic profile can also help people find authorized biographical and contact information about you. This service can help you choose and create an academic profile.