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Mediasite is a video platform that enables the recording of presentations. Mediasite has features that allow recording and playback of two sources, for example your PowerPoint and yourself through your webcam or other connected Camera. Mediasite can process your recorded PowerPoint slides to enable viewers to click through the slides on playback, and even do a word search on the text in all the slides.

Live-streaming through this platform is only available through MediaSite hardware-equipped rooms (COM201 and ASC140).

Who can use it

Authorized Students, Employees, Faculty



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Service offered in conjunction with UBC Vancouver; – Researchers who need recording ability may still use MediaSite Desktop, which records to their computer. To share their recordings, users need to upload them to a sharing service like YouTube or Vimeo as ‘Unlisted’ videos and send the links out to those who need to view the video recordings

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Microsoft Teams; Zoom

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