CSC Consultation Booking Instructions

Thank you for using the CSC's QReserve booking system. This page is a guide on how to book a consultation with the CSC.

You will require:


  • Step two: In the search bar, type in “University of British Columbia” and select it from the drop-down menu.


  • Step three: Enter your CWL and password credentials. Log in to QReserve.


  • Step four: Once logged in, click “Sites” and then click “Search for a Site to Join” or “Search Sites”.


  • Step five: On this page type “UBCO – CSC & Library” in the search bar and click on “Join” in the top right corner of the correct icon.


  • Step six: You now have access to the UBCO – CSC & Library site. To book an appointment with a writing consultant, hover over “CSC Writing Consultants” and click “Calendar”.


  • Step seven: To navigate the calendar you can use the arrows in the top left corner (1) or change your calendar view by clicking the view options in the top right corner (2). When you find an open spot (displayed as an empty white space) with an available consultant that you would like to reserve, click on it (3).


  • Step eight: A new window will pop up to book your reservation. If you are satisfied with the date and time, click “Next”.


  • Step nine: You will now need to fill out some pre-appointment information. Once finished, click “Next”.


  • Step ten: To confirm your appointment, click “Reserve”.


  • Step eleven: If you click on “Dashboard”, you will be able to see your reserved appointments (1). If you click on “Details” a new window will appear (2).


  • Step twelve: This new window allows you to see all your appointment details. This is also where you would go to cancel your appointment.


  • Step thirteen: Depending on how your writing consultant has set up their resource, you will either receive an email telling you your appointment has been approved or is pending. If it is pending, your writing consultant will need to approve your appointment, after which you will receive another email telling you your appointment has been approved. Any meeting details (e.g., zoom information) will be provided in your approval email.


  • Step fourteen: The same process is applicable if you wish to book an appointment with a Subject Librarian. The only difference is you will hover over “Librarians” and click “Calendar” to view that specific calendar for available appointments.
  • If you have any questions please contact us at