Post-Award Support


UNIWeb is an academic research network with CV management. It is a central repository for a researcher’s academic history. UNIWeb is a tool that gives researchers the ability to collaborate with colleagues in secure and private networks, streamline funding applications with Canadian Common CV (CCV) syncing capabilities, and manage and track the outputs of research groups and projects.

IT Infrastructure Consultation

Consultations on purchasing grant funded computing equipment and procurement of equipment. Advice can be provided on available shared digital research infrastructure (i.e. core facilities, data sets, etc.) and software licenses.

Research Lab Environment Support

Specialized technical support for faculty researchers in a research environment including software install, equipment configuration and deployment, and generalized support for technical issues.

Solutions and Systems Architecture Support

Assistance in developing hardware, software, and workflow solutions to support research outcomes.

Research Account Management

When all funding documentation and compliance requirements are in place, the Office of Research Services will open a research account, or Project Grant (PG), on your behalf.


Workday is UBC’s core enterprise system. Workday is where you can view your T4, manage your vacation days, submit reimbursement expenses, etc.

Biohazardous Materials Application (Biosafety Certification)

Consultation service on the application process for all facilities that involve biohazardous materials. Applications are to be reviewed and approved by the UBC Biosafety Committee prior to the start of the research project.

Research Information Services (RISe)

Research Information Services (RISe) is an online research administration tool that allows researchers to interact with their research teams, administrators, and reviewers. RISe also allows researchers to submit and access their ethics applications.

COI/COC Declaration Support

Supports the completion of mandatory Conflict of Interest (COI)/Conflict of Commitment (COC) declarations, which must be completed by all faculty and principal investigators annually or when appointments or circumstances change substantially.

Human Ethics Review: Behavioural

Supports the process of obtaining required BREB (behavioural research ethics board) review and approval for any research involving human subjects. Researchers will be able to access ethics applications through the Researcher Information Services (RISe) website.